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Protecting Communities At Risk and In Need

The holidays are a time of giving, with many people donating their time and resources to end the year on the right foot. Anything that puts more money in the pockets of worthwhile nonprofits is a good thing in our book. That’s why Citadel Roofing & Solar tries hard to...

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The Top 10 Things Homebuilders Should Know About Meeting the California Solar Mandate

If you own, operate or manage a home construction company in California, whether custom or production, your business is affected by a new mandate...

The Allure of Energy Storage in Today's Wildfire-Ravaged Climate

In Part IV of its excellent Countdown to 2020 series about California’s new solar mandate for home construction professionals, Solar Builder...

Understanding Common Solar Installation Problems

Far too often, California homeowners experience property damage caused by the installation of their solar energy systems. We know, because here at

Beginner’s Guide to Solar Energy Storage Systems

Homeowners and homebuilders choosing Citadel Roofing & Solar for their solar energy system installations can now easily add residential solar...

What Homebuilders Need to Know About the Solar Mandate

More than 2,400 homes were built in Sacramento last year. That’s more than any California city north of Los Angeles, according to the California...

Citadel Roofing & Solar and Sunrun Partner to Bring Solar and Roofing Solutions to California’s New Homebuyers

Alliance enables Citadel to offer Sunrun’s market-leading solar service solutions to California’s homebuilders