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Every time gas prices shoot up, more people ditch their gas-fueled cars and trucks and turn to electric vehicles (EV). Why? Because electricity is generally a cheaper fuel source than gasoline.

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Smart Home Solar Solutions

With the recent passage of the federal Inflation Reduction Act, which includes substantial incentives for homeowners to become more energy-efficient,...

Solar federal tax credit & NEM 3.0 – Updates, Timeline and Impact

Big news for people considering installing a solar energy system on their homes, for people who recently installed solar on their residential roof or...

How Long Do Home Solar Batteries Last

How Long Do Home Solar Batteries Last? What To Know

How to Size a Solar Electric System

How many solar panels do I need? How big should my solar energy system be?

The Tesla Powerwall: An Overview and Introduction

Solar energy storage systems like the Tesla Powerwall are changing the energy equation for California homeowners, much like the introduction of...

How Solar And Batteries Are Installed

The benefits of installing solar energy and energy storage at your home are clear: lower electric bills, increased independence from the utility, a...