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Adding Solar Panels to Your Rental Property

In recent years, the integration of renewable energy sources like solar power has gained considerable traction in various sectors, including real estate. Property owners and managers are increasingly considering installing solar panels on their rental properties. This page will...

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Adding Solar Panels to an Existing System

Expanding Your Solar System

Solar panels are a great way for homeowners to move into a more sustainable lifestyle, save money on energy bills, find...

Tesla Powerwall 3: A Detailed Review

Introducing Tesla Powerwall 3

If you're interested in learning more about Tesla's latest battery backup system, Tesla Powerwall 3, keep reading for a...

GUIDE: Prepare for 2024 Wildfire Season and Power Outages

As wildfire season approaches, experts warn that the recent rain has only put off the inevitable, so residents must stay prepared. The dual hazards...

Why IS MY PG&E Bill SO HIGH? 2024 rate Increases & Ways to save

When it comes to owning a home, no one is excited to pay their bills. And you may have asked yourself a time or two, why is my electric bill so high?

Franklin Home Power Battery System

The FranklinWH battery is at the forefront of home energy management – an innovative solution we’re excited to offer. Our team is dedicated to...

How Long Do Home Solar Batteries Last


What are home solar batteries?

Home solar batteries, also called “solar energy storage systems,” are devices that store excess energy generated by...

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