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Adding Solar Panels to an Existing System

Published May. 24, 2024

Expanding Your Solar System

Solar panels are a great way for homeowners to move into a more sustainable lifestyle, save money on energy bills, find independence from the grid, and increase their home’s overall worth. Homeowners find that the benefits of solar greatly outweigh the initial costs. One of the biggest worries with home solar panel systems is the commitment to a certain size system. What if your energy needs grow over time? What if, over time, your energy needs go down? Fortunately, expanding a home solar system is usually possible and quite doable. You don’t need to feel locked into the solar panel system you choose initially. With a few considerations, you could be on your way to a bigger and better solar system. 

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Advantages of Expanding an Existing Solar Panel System

As you and your home grow, so must your solar panel system. There are a variety of benefits to expanding your home’s solar panel system.

Meet Changing Energy Needs

The ideal home solar panel system is designed and built with the homeowner’s future in mind. Well-built solar panel systems are created to meet your needs, plus a little extra energy production for rainy days. That being said, it is hard to predict the future. For many homeowners, it’s difficult to know how much energy they will need over time. New family members, more appliances, hot tubs, electric cars, and home upgrades are all common reasons for increased energy usage. Adding to your solar capacity with more panels is a great way to account for these growing energy needs. As your needs grow, your home’s solar panel system can grow as well. 

Save More on Utilities

For many, the primary purpose of installing solar panels in the first place is to save money on electrical bills. As the cost of living continues to grow higher and higher, so do the costs of common everyday utility bills. Expanding your home’s solar panel system is a great way to buffer the extra charges. Adding more solar panels to your roof increases the amount of energy that can be produced in a day, a month, or a year. If your original system doesn’t cover your full energy bill, consider adding more panels!

Factors in Adding More Solar Panels to an Existing System

While expanding your home's solar panel system is often beneficial, there are some factors to consider when adding more panels.


Adding new panels to your existing system requires additional permitting and a new interconnection application. This will depend on your current system and how many panels are being added.  Depending on your location, restrictions and requirements may differ. Work with local solar experts to get more details on your unique situation.

shutterstock_690061927Roof Space

Not all roofs are created equal, and only a set number of panels will fit effectively on your roof. If you have a larger roof, adding solar panels may not be an issue, but remember that not all roof space is created equal. Sometimes homeowners have available roof space–but that space may not receive adequate sunlight. Optimally set panels should face south or west, but east-facing arrays are often viable as well. Work with a solar expert to explore options around adding new panels.

Inverter Updates

The solar inverter is a crucial part of the solar panel system. The inverter takes the electrical current captured by the solar panel and converts it to a usable electric current. There are several inverter options available. What kind of setup will work best for you depends on your current panel and inverter installation. Sometimes, inverter upgrades are needed when adding to an existing system. At other times, you can use your existing inverter. In unique situations, you can add a completely separate second system. 

Battery Optimization

The right battery setup will be unique to each person. Adding batteries to your system when adding panels is not required, but it may be beneficial, especially considering your net metering agreement. If you live in California for example, and want to keep your existing NEM1 or NEM2 status, you may benefit from installing batteries as part of a non-exporting panel addition.

Newly installed panels will mean additional energy production. Depending on your unique circumstances, batteries may be beneficial and even cost-effective considering your system’s new energy production. Speak with a solar expert to evaluate exactly what balance of panels and batteries is the right fit for you.


Home Visuals

When adding extra panels, ensuring that the same model, or a very similar-looking model, is used can help make the addition seamless. Using two different types of panels can make for negative visual impacts. Some neighborhoods and areas have HOAs and regulations that may prevent the placement of certain panels. It is important to do your research to ensure that your solar panel expansion does not make for any regulation issues.

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